Bouncy Castle Deals

Here at Bouncy Castles Kent we realise that parties and events can become an expensive outlay.

So we have listened to our regular customer’s Views & Reviews to find out what offers they feel would best benefit our customers.

From feedback we undertsand that multiple packages such as bouncy castles + face painting is a great option to keep both boys and girls entertained at childrens partys, weddings etc.

But don’t let the children have all the fun as our adult bouncy castle + sumo suits are a great option for the adults as they are worse than the kids when it comes to having fun on bouncy castles.

Here below we have a few examples of what we can offer you.

However should you wish a combination that we do not show then please simply call and ask the question or E-mail Us on the Contact Us page.

combo 1

combo 2

combo 3

combo 4


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